These are sound files from Bronx Fire Radio. Most recent jobs up top.

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NEW! VINTAGE RADIO CLIPS, courtesy Randy Yardumian. Thanks Yardo! These are good listening.

- Top floor fire working Bronx box 3393, victims coming down the aerial.

- Long stretches and blocked hydrants at 3393. All hands, heavy fire, victims on the ladders.

- Another progress report, multiple victims. 10-45 code 1. Then another.

- A third 10-45 code 1. Searches still underway, reports of a child missing.

- This is Bill Treanor, pre-138 days. Occupied car under water.

- More from Dispatcher 23. A storm hit the Bronicks, causing multiple power outages and trees down. HEY! HEY! THE SEP'S DOWN!

- More wires down, this one on a gasoline tank. From Dispatcher 23. By the old Korvettes!? What year was this??

- ERS alarm 2774. Dispatcher 52. 10-92 announced. Engine 68 to Bronx, uhhhh....change that to a 10-75...

- Transmit the 2nd alarm. Fire on 4 floors, through the cockloft.

- From a 10-92 to a full 3rd alarm.

- Box 3500, "caller states she sees a building going like mad"...and it's a 10-75. 2nd alarm shortly thereafter.

- Box 3500, transmit full third alarm. Rundown for Field Com.

- More boxes out while the 3rd is working.

- Same night, this sounds like Ray Stender before he was Dispatcher 239.


- Fire on a pier in Brooklyn, gasoline barges in danger.

- Sounds like a nasty situation.

- 3 boats for Division 12. Brooklyn dispatcher 16.

- While there's a lull in the action...

- Get off the pier, Marine unit 9 is going to open up.

- I didn't know they could request that for hydrants.

- More Brooklyn, 10-75 in a factory.

- Fire throughout the factory, transmit the 2nd.

- Same night, 10-75 verbal! Dispatcher 48, Brooklyn, being witty.

- Fire in an occupied supermarket. Door was buckled on arrival?

- Yeah, busy night. No 10-7's tonight, bitch!


- Heavy fire on arrival from E058. Transmit the 2nd seconds later.

Thanks for those vintage clips. More of those, and more new stuff to come soon.


- Something brewing in the Rockaways.

- Still just a 3rd alarm, but reports of trapped members.

- Another progress report, now an exterior operation. Update on report of trapped members.

- The fourth being transmitted. Bronx dispatcher 714 announces it.

- Now the 5th. 714 gives ample alert tone.

- Progress report - fire on many floors.

- Supervisor whoring it up on a crap job.

- Old people in Riverdale love to cause trouble.

- More crap work. At 1:05, I swear they're talking to me.

Beef - People on the fire escapes, sounds like work.

- How many 10-45's??

- More from box 2760. A crazy woman lit up the place, killing a kid.

- Load up the box for the 15 Battalion - box 3671. ChimChim on the radio.

- More from Dispatcher 747, Battalion 15 dumps the 10-75 for box 3671, fire in a private dwelling.

- Fire out 3 windows - all hands on arrival.

- Dispatcher 747 to Citywide for a relay, K.

- A vintage clip of Dispatcher 408, pre-supervisor days, working the radio on a 4th in the Bronx - down the block from the Central Office.

- Box 2-2-3953, Broadway & 263. Dispatcher 735, the BOOCH.

- Second alarm rundown for Division 7, more from Booch.

- Still no height or size-up 15 minutes into the job?

- Just some gratuitous background sirening noises.

- By orders of Division 7, everyone out - exterior attack.

- Car 1D responding.

- Another progress report from DC07.

- I forget which job this was, but it had all the indications of a worker - and 3 10-45s (ended up being no-codes). Dispatcher 712.

- PFAD 754 doing a great job announcing a 10-75 (other than breathing on the microphone) :)

- Dispatcher 754 reading the CIDS.

- Dispatcher 106 in a mildly humorous exchange.

Speaking of humorous, listen to the dispatcher's frustration at 35 seconds into the clip.

- Long clip of dispatcher 714. Reads the CIDS like a game show host. Not that that's a bad thing...

BOX 1031 - 524 E 72 ST

- 10/11/06 - Manhattan box 1031 - aircraft into building. Citywide IO activated. 3rd alarm rundown to Division 3.

- 10/11/06 - Manhattan box 1031 - aircraft into building. Air recon unit standing by.

- 10/11/06 - Manhattan box 1031 - Car 36 B responding to aircraft into building.

- 10/11/06 - Manhattan box 1031 - Air Recon airborne, use caution due to heavy air traffic in the area.

- 10/11/06 - Manhattan box 1031 - Transmission of 4th alarm.

- 10/11/06 - Manhattan box 1031 - Progress report. PWH in 48 minutes - that's a hell of a knockdown.

- 10/11/06 - Manhattan box 1031 - 2nd 10-45.

- 10/3/06 - Box 3168, 10-75 and All Hands from the 18 Battalion. One call for this, first due units asked for a 10-7. 10-75, all hands, extra engine and truck, all within a few moments. PFAD 707.

- 10/3/06 - Box 3168, more from Battalion 18. Trying to put water on the fire.

- 10/3/06 - Box 3168, address and exposures. Great job by all units - knocked down in 14 minutes.

New - Full Clips - Part 1 - Part 2

- 8/27/06 - Box 5-5-5-5-2797, Division 6 reports the initial mayday, transmits a third alarm, and Car 4A requests an additional Rescue and Squad.

- 8/27/06 - Box 5-5-5-5-2797, Dispatcher 144 relays info to Car 4A regarding the mayday.

- 8/27/06 - Box 5-5-5-5-2797, Dispatcher 144 relays to Field-Com that Car 4A requests a roll call be performed immediately of all units on scene.

- 8/27/06 - Box 5-5-5-5-2797, Announcement of third alarm.

- 8/27/06 - Box 5-5-5-5-2797, Field Com reports an additional mayday has been transmitted, and Car 4A request medical information on the members. Car 36B is responding.

- 8/27/06 - Box 5-5-5-5-2797, Field Com reports "more...m-o-r-e maydays have been transmitted"

- 8/27/06 - Field Com wants two TAC units, Rescue 1 with the Collapse Pod, and the Photo Unit to respond.

- 8/27/06 - Box 5-5-5-5-2797, Dispatcher 169 announces the death of Firefighter Michael Reilly over the air. RIP, and God bless his family.

- 8/23/06 - Early into the job, box 3012, Battalion 18 requests an extra engine and truck over the All-hands.

- 8/23/06 - Progress report box 3012, a fully involved junkyard on Bronx River Ave. Starfire is down.

- 8/23/06 - Rundown of second alarm units for box 3012, then full rundown of all initial alarm plus all second alarm units for Division 6.

- 8/23/06 - Transmission of Third alarm for box 3012.

- I said STAND BY, bitches! A clever montage I made of transmissions from this box. Dispatcher 186 actually did a great job, given the fact that the CADS was down, plus several boxes went out for 10-33's in the area. Assignments and relocators sounded like they were a bitch to figure out.

- 7/23/06 - Engine 89 gives the 10-75 for box 4290, after multiple calls for fire in a PD. E072 delayed due to mechanical problems. Dispatcher 712.

- 7/23/06 - The all-hands for box 4290, heavy fire condition on the second floor.

- 7/06 - Engine 75 and the Beefman. I would be panicky if my manhole was on fire too. Generally only happens after hot wings and Jack Daniels, though.

- 7/06 - Dispatcher 714 gives us something we don't hear very often.

- 7/06 - 4x2 + Rescue and Squad for BC17, reports of fire in an OMD on Featherbed Lane. Dispatcher 169. (Mmm, TWO alert tones for the 10-75)

- 5/22/06 - Engine 90 gives the 10-75 for box 4660, a car fire that communicated to a private dwelling. 41 Truck was busy at another box. Woof!

- 1st alarm rundown.

- Battalion 18 gives the all-hands, and wants an extra engine and truck. 1st due L-41, now 10-8, is the S/C truck.

- 2nd Alarm transmitted.

- 2nd Alarm rundown for Division 7.

- Box 2992 is in, K, 1868 Harrison Avenue, a bunch of calls, fire in a brownstone. Sounds like a job. Engine 43 gives the 10-75.

- Battalion 19 giving the initial to the Beef.

- Battalion 19 - uh oh. Check the exposures.

- Yeah, go ahead and transmit the second, mmmkay?

- 2nd Alarm companies being directed.

- Give him another line into the front of the fire building.

- You want more, Jack?

- Youse probably want a Toyd alarm, K.

- I told yas, yas wanted a toyd.

- Up, up and away!

- Numerous calls for fire out the top floor of a private dwelling on 4/8/06. Full ticket + Rescue & Squad for box 3133.

- 10-70 transmitted for box 3133 - dead hydrant. Booster water used initially.

- Routine sounding 2nd alarm in Eastchester 2/21/06 in a 2 story PD. 106 (258!) doesn't even use the alert tone.

- I guess they call E75/L33 the "Animal House" for a reason.

- Bronx calling Engine 81, 81 Engine K, as only Beefy could. The Beefman, Dispatcha Tree Tree Oh, K, he's here.

- A 10-75 from 90 Engine. Nobody seems particularly enthusiastic here.

- A "typical" 10-75.

- Engine 41 finds fire in an occupied MD on arrival.

- This was a spectacular explosion and fire in a taxpayer. An urgent 2nd on arrival from E097.

- Beefy transmitting a 3rd.

- Here's one you don't hear too often.

- This is Joseph DiBernardo, one of my favorite dispatch voices from the 90's. After service as a dispatcher, he was assigned to RS03, and was seriously injured at box 5-5-5-5-2997 in early 2005. Information on his background can be found here and more information on box 5-5-5-5-2997 can be found here.

- When members become involved in an altercation, it takes priority. More from "Joey D".

- All hands on arrival from the 18 Battalion.

- Ritchie getting a 10-75 from E082.

- 263 receiving a progress report from a "typical" Bronx tenement job, fire on the top floor, in the cockloft.

- These words are sure to get any firefighter's adrenaline pumping.

- This was a compactor fire at 20 Richman Plaza. Nobody actually jumped, but it sure sounded bad.

- The Bronx C.O. was flooded with calls from panicky residents at this Richman Plaza compactor job.

- Mark Mianulli was #281 in Da Bronx for many years until his untimely passing in 2005. Information about him can be found here. This clip was pulled from a short video segment filmed at the Bronx C.O. by the department's video unit for a training film for the FDNY's Cablevision Crosswalks cable access show, FDTV. I used to hurry home from high school to watch it. I don't think it's been on for about 10 years...too bad, it was about as interesting as a training series could be! I'll try to upload the video from this segment at some point.

NEW OLD STUFF! Updated 10/28/06, recorded 10+ years ago.

- From 1996, Dispatcher 346 takes a 10-75 from Ladder 58.

- More from 1996, Dispatcher 281, Mark Mianulli dispatches a worker on Popham Ave - all hands on arrival for fire out 2 windows.

- More from #281, sounds like a worker. Ladder 33 dumps the 10-75.

- Dispatcher 281 again, sounds like another job. All hands on arrival, extra engine & extra truck ordered by Battalion 18.

- From 1996, another classic dispatcher - Bill Treanor, #138. When I was a dispatcher for the campus police in college, that was my number too, so naturally he was a favorite.

- This was during the Blizzard of '96. The Beef.

- This was a rough job, made worse by the blizzard and by the fact that Bronx Fire Radio was on Citywide frequency. More Beef.

- Beefy taking a 2nd alarm from Division Tree.

Four gratuitous short clips from the Beef in his Tree-Tree-Oh years.

- Another top-notch dispatcher from the 90's, now retired. Phil Mitchell, #315. Third alarm working in da Bronx.

- More from 315, a quick draw with the mixer button taking a sensitive progress report from a dopey sounding Aide.

- Another from #315, taking a progress report from the BC-18 Aide. If you worked during the 90's, you remember this guy.

- 4th alarm in Hunts Point, progress report states "fire on all 5 floors".

- Perhaps the oldest clip I've recorded, this is from circa 1992. 3605 Kingsbridge Ave, top floor job, scared the crap outta me at 11 years old. Nonetheless, I managed to record a cop car speeding to the scene (a 5.7 Liter V-8 Caprice at full throttle, nothing sounds quite like it), the second alarm transmission by Dispatcher 104, and then some gratuitous siring by Rescue 3.

- One of my favorites from about 1995, Dispatcher 356, Joey D, takes a report from a job in a taxpayer.

- More from Dispatcher 356, around 1995 or 1996...sounds like a job, top floor of a multiple dwelling with people trapped.

- Progress report from Battalion 18 on Box 3609. Using all hands, "you got it".

- Classic dispatching from 356. Report from Division 4.

- Dispatcher 356 - armed robbery?

- Person shot at the box - Dispatcher 356.

- Bronx box after initial, Brook and 147. Dispatcher 356.

- 5 Engines in use for a brush fire headed towards Ferry Point Condos.

- Sounds like a job - children trapped, and it is. 10-75 box 3138. Dispatcher 309. She sounds hot.

- Ritchie giving instructions for units responding to a large area of brush in Van Cortlandt Park, around 1996.

- More from Dispatcher 346. Battalion 27 is stuck in the park, trying to respond to a large brush fire in Van Cortlandt.

- Some Supervising Dispatchers are just radio whores. :) But that's what makes us fans happy. Not that long ago, maybe July 2006.

- Vintage Beef, approximately early 1996.

- Sounds like a job up in the 20 Battalion - more classic Beef from 1996.

- Not da Bronx. Citywide/Queens - train job. "Queens to Car 10 Edward, I understand your concern, but honestly, you sound like a total asshole, K. Queens Dispatcher 275." (What I would have paid money to hear him say)

More on the way!