This website is a collection of sounds and images relating to the New York City Fire Department's Bronx Radio communications.

The New York City Fire Department processes alarms of fire in 5 Central Communications offices - one for each borough.

Bronx Dispatch Operations are located at 1129 East 180th Street, in Da Bronx.

UPDATE! Major website update. Lots of new sounds added to a new page.

Between the Universal Call Taker program, and the PSAC stuff, lots of things are changing with FDNY dispatch procedures.
Hopefully, this site will pay homage to the "old" days, when the phones rang, dispatchers talked to callers, and and one could pretty much tell when it was a job.


Or tune in at 154.190 MHz - Bronx Fire Radio, KED 962. Now broadcasting on the UHF frequency of 482.00625! Thank you, DOITT! or not. Stupid DOITT.

LATEST UPDATES: 6/29/09 - addition of a new page with almost 30 new files recorded between 2007 and 2009.

7/15/09 - Tracey Tower job, 3 clips.

7/20/09 - Clip of a 2nd on arrival from BC15 earlier this year.

9/1/09 - Clips of Dispatcher MF 720 catching some work, and also Dispatcher MW working a decent 2nd alarm on Bruckner added.

9/2/09 - Another couple of clips added from late July 2009.

9/5/09 - Two fun files uploaded! First:
BRONX BOX SPREADSHEET - An Excel spreadsheet with all Bronx boxes, locations, 1st and 2nd due units and Battalions. Info may be a little dated due to a couple units moving around and BARB.

GPS BOX FILE - If you have a GPS unit, most likely you have a Point of Interest (POI) feature. This is a file of all FDNY box locations. You'll have to upload it to your GPS unit somehow. Enjoy!

9/16/09 - Added clip of a small-hands in the Bronx River Houses - and a clip of a Manhattan senior boss working the radio for a fire at "Mr. Bubbles"...

6/30/10 - Updated a few files - Check em out! Click on Dispatch Page, and then New Clips.
Still editing map files to show 63 and 39 together on E233rd.
Working on a web interface to search the Bronx box file.