This page will be a collection of original scans and photographs pertaining to the FDNY.

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Box 3757 - First attempt at fireground photography. I was in the shower, but was able to get down the block by the time the all hands was transmitted. It was FREEZING. I couldn't feel my face after 45 minutes out there. A good job by all companies involved. J.C. Mac's owes you all drinks, S&S owes you all cheesecakes! Firefighter Nate DeMarse has much better pictures on his website. He has a much nicer camera than mine, and probably wasn't shaking as badly from the cold.

Box 3757, 2/26/06. Not S&S Cheesecakes!!

Box 3757, fire in a pizza parlor.

Box 3757, knocking down hot pockets in the tin ceiling.

Box 3757, pulling the ceilings.

Box 3757, 46 bucket operating.

Box 3757, MDT courtesy officer of L052.

Box 3757, MDT courtesy whomever left the door wide open to the Batallion Chief's car.

MDT ticket from a Manhattan job in 1997, courtesy Ron Gangeri.

MDT ticket from another Manhattan job, this one in December 2005, courtesy the Officer of Engine 81, K.

Ticket from a Bronx EMS run, courtesy Engine 81. Good example of CIDS.

A rather full ticket - a pin job, courtesy E081 again.

More tickets and fireground photography to be uploaded!