Fireground | Gallery | Scene Photos | 2002 Scene Photos | Brookline, MA 4/27/2002

Brookline, MA 24 Milton Rd., approx. 1000 hrs. 4/27/02. Brookline firefighters made a good stop on a basement fire in a 2 story wood frame structure. These photos aren't as action packed as some that appear on the site, but I have been waiting for an opportunity to try out my new Olympus C-4040. I had just arrived home from an uneventful night in New York City when this job came in, and since it was only about a mile from my apartment, I decided to take it in. The images that appear here are of a lesser quality than the actual images due to size limitations, but I can say that the actual digital images rival my 35mm shots, and 8X10's printed from the actual images (about 3MB in size each) are of a frameable quality.
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